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Bryan is now using his important, courageous story of survival in an effort to stop bullying behavior before it reaches adulthood. With pictures and critical video footage of Bryan fighting for his life in the hospital after a senseless assault, his audiences witness firsthand the effects of physical bullying. Bryan gets up close and personal in sharing the painful struggles of recovering from a severe brain injury, coping and adjusting with the loss of his old life, and finding his new mission in life after the brutal attack that almost killed him. During his presentations geared toward enlightening people of all ages and walks of life, children, teens and adults all learn aspects for living a bully free life. They also learn techniques for empowering a path of kindness in those with bullying tendencies. Bryan closes his presentations with a heartfelt audience pledge to stop bullies, to stop personal bullying behavior, and to seek kindness and respect for others.

After their students witness this incredible presentation, many teachers report being able to reflect throughout the school year on Bryan’s story and note a significant increase in their students’ compassion for differences, including for those with disabilities and learning difficulties. Elementary school children develop a greater sense of empathy, middle schoolers find a greater sense of good, and high schoolers think more about their moral character after experiencing Bryan’s presentation. With the inspirational feedback Bryan has received so far, he now seeks to present his story to communities across the nation, reaching out to all types of organizations that face aspects of bullying, as in team sports and youth groups, in an effort to inspire everyone with his powerful story.

The foundation is currently seeking donations from the public to provide Bryan with as many opportunities as possible to tell his story nationwide. With every presentation Bryan leads, he is given opportunities to polish his thought organization, memory, processing, attention, and mobility skills.   Please invite him to your organization, at no charge, so he may share his story about triumph over tragedy. In return your community will be helping this courageous survivor improve his mental and physical skills for living a better life after a severe brain injury as he works to put an end to the painful effects of bullying across the nation.

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