See what people are saying about Bryan Stow! Below are just a few testimonials people have shared with BSF. Feel free to leave your own by contacting us.

  • "Bryan Made a Significant Impact"

    Bryan and his family made a significant impact on the children and the staff of Rosedale Two Way Spanish Immersion Elementary school. The reality of Bryan’s story and the effect that it had on his life and the life of his family was very powerful! The presentation was honest, simple and heartfelt.

    Students now think about the consequences of their actions and how many people are affected by their choices. A better understanding has developed because they now know that many people are impacted by the decisions that they make. Students often talk about the importance of a genuine apology. How forgiveness or acceptance is nearly impossible without true remorse.

    Students have been empowered to stand up for themselves and for others. Bryan’s attitude of being positive and never giving up resonated with many of our students and staff. It has helped to give them the courage to continue despite obstacles that our in their path. It reminded us to never give up.

    Thank you Bryan and all of the Stow family in helping the conversation continue. We appreciated the long drive to Chico and everything that the Stow Foundation is doing. We would love to have you back to do a community event.

  • "The Experience was Absolutely Amazing"

    My name is Pam Riddle and I am a behavioral Aide for the Napa County Office of Education, court and community school. My job is working with high risk teens that, for various reasons, have not been successful at their comprehensive high schools. The reasons for the students coming to our school are as unique as the children themselves. For many of our children our school is a perfect fit; we are able to show them the love and respect that is needed. For the others they are working harder to regain their independence, fix the problems and get back to school.

    I was so excited when I learned that Bryan Stow now had a foundation that focused on bullying. I invited him to our school. The experience was absolutely amazing, our kids were so receptive to his message, and I myself could not hold back tears. Bryan, as well as his family is the most wonderful, loving, people I have ever met and would love to have them visit our school again. I would also like to add that Bryan visited our Crossroads school located at Juvenile detention center and was more than well received.

    Pam R.
    Behavioral Aide
  • "A Message of Love and Compassion"

    I am so thankful that our students had the opportunity to have Bryan speak at our school. Bryan’s message is a good reminder of the importance of building a positive and supportive school culture for our students, staff, and families. We are so grateful for Bryan’s story and his willingness to share it with our students!

    Byran’s message is one that school leaders across the country combat each year: saying “no” to bullying and spreading the message that ultimately kindness and love win. Byran’s message penetrated the minds of both our middle and high school students.

    One student noted, “Students are talking about it, about how much it affected them. I think people will stop and think about what they say and take into consideration how people may feel about what they say.” Another student commented, “It is so amazing when you go through something that emotional and traumatic and come out on the other side willing to help others. Our campus is already a very accepting and kind community, but Bryan’s message is one of love and compassion and kindness. It’s a good reminder for us to hold on to the values we already hold.”

    Above all, I was amazed by Byran’s sense of humor. When a traumatic life event happens, one can lose such perspective by becoming bitter. However, Bryan has chosen to become better by spreading his message and modeling for all who are willing to listen what it looks like to make a difference. Thanks again, Byran, and thanks to your amazing, supportive family.

  • "Students are Still Talking about the Impact of His Message"

    We are so pleased that Bryan was able to come to our school and share his story. Our students are still talking about the impact of his message and his wonderful personality. We are so appreciative of your time and Bryan’s family effort as well. It was a gift to meet all of you and hear you speak. We will be sending some feedback to you from our students and are completely happy to help from the school perspective in getting Bryan’s message out. Please let us know what we can do to help and become part of team Bryan.

    Thanks again for an amazing and moving afternoon for all of us.

  • "Touched the Hearts"

    On behalf of Bernal School, thank you so much for giving an engaging, heartfelt, and inspiring message to our student body about how to stand up to bullying. Our students know that bullying is wrong, but may not feel empowered to make it stop. Your message gave our students practical ways to stop bullies, and empowered them to take action. Your presentation touched the hearts and challenged the mindset of everyone in the room.

    Janine S.
  • "His Message of Kindness will Impact our Community"

    Bryan’s visit to Scotts Valley Middle School was one of the highlights of our year. Students and staff really enjoyed listening to his presentation. Bryan’s story about triumph over tragedy, and his message of kindness will impact our community for years to come. I would highly recommend Bryan as a guest speaker!

  • "Bryan is an Inspiration"

    Bryan’s visit to our school was profound and inspiring. Students learned from Bryan’s experience that violence and bullying can escalate into something that can never be reversed; and how quickly life can change. Our students witnessed the equally important lesson of helping others in any way they can — Bryan used to do help from an ambulance and now it’s from his personal experience in presentations.

    Bryan is an inspiration and we are thankful for his dedication to teach others.

  • "the Most Impactful Assembly I have Witnessed"

    I cannot express in words how much your visit to Bernal School meant and will continue to mean to our community. In fifteen years of witnessing school assemblies, Bryan’s testimony to our middle school students was hands-down the most impactful assembly I have witnessed. Your and Bryan’s impact will continue on throughout our community in ways you will never know. Not only did Bryan’s testimony captivate approximately eight-hundred middle school students, but also left teachers, support staff, even retired teachers as well as Oak Grove School District staff who came to the assembly humbled, grateful and determined to carry your anti-bully message forward so that every child feels physically and emotionally safe in their community.

    Jamal S.
  • "An Opportunity to Spread Kindness"

    Today, Bryan spoke at Valley Christian (I’m a teacher there), and I got to spend a few minutes after in conversation with him and his parents that ended in tears and hugs.

    As a long time Dodger fan, I remember this story hitting the news and being absolutely devastated. I am blessed and encouraged that Bryan is using this as an opportunity to spread kindness. I have way more to say, but not enough space.

    Danielle B.